Facility MISSING YOUTH response support

Immediate Procedures when a child is reported missing, any employee receiving the report should take the following steps:

1.  Notify the youth program leader so they can implement their Code Adam response plan.  As a minimum, the Youth Program staff should:

  • Determine where and when the missing youth was last seen
  • Call 541-737-7000 or 911
  • Thoroughly search their area of operations
  • Complete the missing person information sheet (Form 1)

2.  Notify the facility lead of the developing missing child situation.

If no facility lead or staff are on site, e.g. exterior space or remote field trip, the youth program leader has to implement response with the resources available

3.  If directed by the youth program leader, the facility lead should implement the following response:

  • Announce a Code Adam in your facility
  • Secure the facility (Attachment 2)
  • Distribute completed missing person information to facility staff (Form 1)
  • Search of your facility and adjacent grounds
  • Coordinate command and communication of your staff’s search and security responses
  • Identify a private area for police to establish a missing person response operation center or interview area
  • Liaison with the youth program and responding police officials
  • Notify facility staff when Code Adam is cancelled (when directed by responding police official)


Form 1

Missing Child Information Form

Child Name


Gender / Ethnicity



Distinguishing features (hair color, eye color, birthmarks, etc..)

Clothing color and type

Shoe color and style

Date/Time last seen

Location last seen

Person with whom youth was last seen with

Your Name

Your current location (address)

Your cell phone number

Facility Guidance

Secure the Facility

  1. Send staff to each exterior door to monitor ingress/egress of people

    1. Personnel should not endanger themselves nor use force to deny an individual their right to exit or enter the facility.

    1. Personnel should explain to people that the building is secured, a search is being conducted to locate a missing infant/child, and that it should only be for a few minutes and waiting will help the search finish faster.

      • “We have a security issue that involves an infant/child.  Would you wait here for a few minutes while we resolve it?”

  1. If a person has a bag that could hold the missing child, politely ask for a voluntary inspection.

      • “We have a security issue that involves an infant/child.  May we look in your bag?”

  1. If visitors are uncooperative, contact responding security (or local response management) to notify them of the situation.

      • If individuals insist on leaving, try to get their name, details of the attire, and vehicle information and relay to security.  Don’t leave your external door un-guarded, but note their direction of travel and, if possible, have someone observe/document the individual and where they are going.

Searching the Facility

  1. Staff not securing exits, should search their department and common areas e.g. waiting areas, lobbies, public restrooms, hallways, outside grounds area, parking lots, and stairwells until “All Clear” is announced.

    1. Search the area visually by opening cupboards, closets, desk drawers, filing cabinets, waste receptacles, linen carts, etc.

  1. When entering rooms listen first for sounds, turn off machines that may interfere with detection of infant/child sounds.

  1. Close off areas/rooms after they have been searched and monitor to limit reentry of the area

  1. Personnel not at their regular work areas should assist with the monitoring process by posting themselves at hallways, intersections, elevator lobbies and stairwells and follow the guidelines listed above.

    1. Personnel stationed outside or searching outside should have a cell phone or radio and pen/paper to record information (license plate numbers/ descriptions) for further use.

    1. Report any suspicious persons or activities to your facility point of contact or responding security.

  1. If a child matching the description of the missing child is found during the search, ask the child to state his/her name. If he/she is identified as the missing child, notify the search command post and escort the child to the command area.

  1. If the child has been harmed in any way, notify the search command post and stay with the child until further instructions are provided.

  1. If the child is accompanied by an adult, ask for both names. Regardless of whether the child and the adult have the same last name, do not attempt to detain anyone. Rather, use reasonable efforts to delay the person and child from leaving the building. Sometimes, a simple conversation with the child will work.


Found child/reunification

When a child/youth is found (missing guardian) and brought to your facility:

  1. Ensure two adults remain with the found youth

    1. If two adults cannot stay with the youth, one person needs to stay with the youth but in a public area or within view of a camera

    1. This best practice is to protect the youth as well as the adult from any potential misunderstandings or improper behavior by either entity

  1. Call 541-737-7000 or 911 to request law enforcement assistance

  1. Attempt to interview the youth to get a description or name of the guardian or group they were with

  1. Notify facility staff to watch for the guardian or group and inform them to go to the child’s location

  1. If releasing the youth to the guardian before law enforcement arrives, document who picked up the youth

    1. If not sure that the youth belongs with the person attempting to pick up the child, wait for law enforcement to arrive

    1. If the youth is age 16 or older, they are allowed to leave independently once contact has been made with a guardian and the guardian grants permission