Chemical Spill


Medical Response: Call 9-1-1

HAZMAT Response:  Call 9-1-1

OSU Department of Public Safety (737-7000 (emergency)   737-3010 (non-emergency)

Hazardous Material Spill Response: OSU Environmental Health and Safety: 541-713-7233 (SAFE)

Work Coordination Center:  541-737-2969 (routine, non-emergency service)

  1. Alert people in the immediate area to evacuate; close doors to affected area
  2. Determine the size of the spill and respond appropriately, according to the spill response plan
    • Immediately evacuate the area if you are not equipped to mitigate the spill
    • Don personal protective equipment
    • Obtain spill control materials
    • Contain the spill
    • Dispose of material correctly
  3. Attend to injured or contaminated person if safe to do so
  4. Have person with knowledge of incident or area assist responding emergency personnel

Additional information:

  1. Some emergencies require the evacuation of the buildings. The sounding of the fire alarm system or verbal orders in the building will signal evacuation.
  2. Check to make sure no one is missing, and inform emergency responders if someone is unaccounted for.
  3. Do not use elevators during an evacuation.


  • Follow [College/School/Department name]spill response procedures to clean up water and chemical waste
  • Report spills to Environmental Health and Safety for assistance with regulatory reporting


  • Identify and obtain spill response materials, based on the chemical substance being used (to include PPE)
  • Develop a spill response plan specific to the chemical being used


  • Know the chemical information prior to working with the chemical
  • Review the latest Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • Know the hazards of the chemical
  • Have and use the appropriate PPE before using the chemical
  • Know the spill response plan to the chemical