Transportation Accidents


Medical Response:  Call 9-1-1

Fire Response:  Call 9-1-1

OSU Public Safety:  Call 737-7000 (emergency), 737-3010 (non-emergency)

OSU Motorpool:  Call 1-866-253-5671

OSU Risk Management:  Call 541-737-7350

  1. Stop and assess the situation
  2. Call 9-1-1 if there are medical or fire concerns
  3. Call 541-737-7000 to request law enforcement assistance
  4. Place emergency lights/flares on roadway to warn on-coming traffic
    • If directed by responders, move the vehicle to the side of the road
  5. Request that law enforcement file a written report
  6. Collect the other driver’s information (name, phone #, license, vehicle, and insurance information, etc.
  7. Contact Risk Management at 541-737-7350 to report ALL accidents regardless of the amount of damage.
  8. For motor pool vehicles, follow accident reporting procedures (found in OSU vehicle)


  • Report the accident to Risk Management at 541-737-7350, and for OSU vehicles to the Motor Pool by calling (866) 253-5671 and submit the State Self Insurance Claim form
  • Within 72 hours, fill out the DMV Accident Report form if there were any of the following: 1) injury resulting from the accident, 2) damages exceeding $1,500, or 3) if the vehicle needed to be towed
  • Report the accident to your manager
  • If an employee is injured in the accident, report the incident:


  • Complete required training or paperwork prior to traveling


  • Review the road conditions before traveling
  • National Weather Service
  • ODOT Tripcheck
  • Inspect the vehicle prior to departure
  • Snow chains (if applicable)
  • Vehicle emergency kit
  • Walk around and observe vehicle for any operating concerns
  • Observe nearby hazards prior to moving vehicle
  • Adjust mirrors, seat, and steering wheel for proper use