OSU Department of Public Safety (737-7000 (emergency), 737-3010 (non-emergency)

  1. Move to a safe location.

    • Do not attempt to apprehend or interfere with the criminal except in case of self-protection

  1. Call the OSU Department of Public Safety (737-7000 (emergency), 37-3010 (non-emergency)

  1. Remain calm, tell the dispatcher where you are calling from, what has happened, and give your name and the phone number to call you back.
    • If safe to do so, attempt to get a good description of the criminal. If the criminal is entering a vehicle, note the license number, make, model, color, and outstanding characteristics of the vehicle. Answer all questions asked. Remain on the telephone until dispatcher releases the call.

  1. In the event of a civil disturbance, contact Public Safety (541-737-7000 emergency, 541-737-3010 non0emergency). Continue as much as possible with your normal routine. If the disturbance is outside, stay away from doors and windows.
  1. Meet police when they arrive, if safe to do so.
    • Do not interfere with those persons creating the disturbance, or with authorities on scene.


  • Cooperate with law enforcement


  • Lock your office door, even if you are leaving for only a few seconds.  This is the single greatest deterrent to theft.
  • Report broken locks, doors, windows or lights to Facilities Services
  • Keep money and jewelry in a safe place, out of sight.  Don’t carry a large amount of cash with you and don’t flash money in public view.
  • Don’t keep valuables in an unattended backpack or in a locker at the gym (locked or unlocked).
  • Respect and ensure the integrity of the security card access system.  
  • Don’t prop doors open or try to defeat the system by some other method.  You not only place your personal safety and valuables in jeopardy, but also your fellow workers. 
  • Always remove the keys from your car and lock it.  If you have valuables in your car, place them in the trunk or out of public view.


  • Inventory and engrave your valuables.  Use your driver’s-license number followed by the state, or the last 4 of you SSN if you do not have a license.  This will make recovery easier and makes it easy to prove ownership.
  • Be aware! Recognize your vulnerability.
  • Report all suspicious persons, vehicles and activities to the Public Safety Department immediately, by using any campus blue light phone or by dialing 7-7000 from any campus phone.
  • Use the "buddy system" and watch out for your neighbor.
  • Report lights that are out and any hazardous conditions immediately to the Work Coordination Center (WCC) at 541-737-2969.
  • Remember the location of emergency phones in academic buildings.