Upcoming safety training and online resources


The Oregon State Police, OSU Care Network, and Department of Public Safety encourage you to learn how to respond and keep yourself safe.  OSU utilizes the FBI’s “Run.Hide.Fight” program of response and offers many different ways to receive the training.  

  • Schedule a presentation:
    • Contact the OSU Department of Public Safety (541-737-3010) to schedule a presentation by an OSU State Trooper or Public Safety official.  This type of presentation is excellent for a group setting.

To receive timely warnings of incidents occurring on campus, enroll or update your contact information in the OSU Alert system.  Be sure to add your text messaging device (cell phone/pager) to receive timely  information as incidents occur.

Similar opportunities are available at the OSU Cascades and Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) campuses.  Contact OSU Emergency Management (541) 737-4713 or [email protected]) for details.