Bomb Threat


Police: Call 9-1-1

  1.  Keep the caller on the phone as long as possible
  2. Get detailed information from caller (use Bomb Threat Checklist below)
  3. Look at telephone display, if equipped, write down the number.
  4. Have someone call 9-1-1 and OSU Public Safety Dispatch from a separate phone
    • Give your name, location and telephone number. Inform 9-1-1 of the situation

    • Include any information you may have as to the location of the bomb, time it is set to detonate, and the time you received the call.

    • Do not hang up until the dispatcher releases you from the conversation or if you feel threatened to remain on the phone in your current location

  1. Inform your supervisor and /or department head. Indicate to your supervisor that you have notified 9-1-1 and OSU Public Safety.
  2. Inform [College/School/Department name] Manager
  3. Evacuate if directed to do so.  
    • If you should spot a suspicious object, package, etc., report to 9-1-1. Do not touch, tamper, or move it in any way. Then contact the Director’s Office.

Bomb Threat Checklist: See Below



  • Be prepared to be interviewed by officials
  • Contact your supervisor to seek counseling services



  • Periodically review bomb threat checklist
  • Have access to a copy (electronically or paper copy) that can be completed during/after the phone call