Sexual Assault


Police: Call 9-1-1

Emergency Medical Response: Call 9-1-1

Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence: 541-754-0110

Survivor Support: 541-754-0110, 1-800-927-0197

Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) helpline: 541-737-7604

OSU Department of Public Safety: Call 541-737-3010

  1. React early - fight for your life, strike eyes, throat, and groin. Pull your attacker’s hair.
  2. Yell “Fire” to draw attention to you.
  3. Run away to a place where there are other people.
  4. Call the police, 9-1-1.
  5. Preserve evidence - do not wash your clothes, shower, douche, or clean the area where the crime was committed.


  • Check in with supervisor for access to OSU support systems