Disaster - Natural or Human Caused



Police: Call 9-1-1

  1. Remain calm.
  2. Report unsafe conditions or need for medical assistance to 9-1-1 and the [College/School/Department name] Director’s Office.
  3. Render first aid if you are properly trained.
  4. Listen for announcements or alarms and follow instructions from emergency response personnel.
  5. Don’t use the elevator during an emergency, use the stairs.
    • If you are stranded in an elevator, use the emergency phone/intercom to summon help
  1. Don’t drink the water, use gas or electric devices until the emergency personnel determined that it is safe to do so.
  2. Do not attempt to fight a fire until after you have notified 9-1-1 that there is a fire, have obtained fire extinguisher training, and feel safe to do so.


  • Check in with [College/School/Department name] leadership to determine response status
  • Do not enter a building until allowed to do so
  • Once entering the building, inspect your work area and report any issues


  • [College/School/Department name] annually reviews and updates portions of plan
  • [College/School/Department name] conducts periodic education of plan to faculty and staff to ensure knowledge of responsibilities


  • OSU has developed a plan that addresses the campus emergency management system for extraordinary situations that are likely to have a catastrophic effect on the normal functioning of OSU facilities and the surrounding area.
  • The [College/School/Department name] Emergency Operation Plan has been developed to respond to the needs of [College/School/Department name] during a disaster and will be placed into operation by the [College/School/Department name] Director when an incident reaches proportions beyond the capacity of routine procedures.
  • When the [College/School/Department name] disaster/emergency operation plan is activated, with the exception of an earthquake and/or tsunami, the [College/School/Department name] Disaster Operations Center will be the [College/School/Department name] Director’s Office.
  • If the telephone system is not operational, alternate communication methods will be established by [College/School/Department name].