OSU Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan


Oregon State University is seeking input from community members as we develop our Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan.

As draft chapters are developed, they will be posted to this web page for review and comments.  Please provide comments to:  emergency@oregonstate.edu

As you invest your time and expertise with the review, please record the amount of time you contributed.  It will help OSU identify your partnership and allow us to keep you informed.

Once the majority of the plan is developed, a public meeting will be announced to discuss the plan and identify possible mitigation activities to reduce the effect of natural hazards to OSU.

Thank you,
Mike Bamberger
OSU Emergency Manager


Plan Public Comment Meeting


A Public Comment meeting was held September 7, 2017 at LaSells Stewart Center (875 SW 26th Street, Corvallis) from 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. to review and solicit input for the plan.

A second Public Comment meeting will be held on April 23, 2018, from 3-4 p.m. on the OSU Campus, in the La Sells Conference Center - Wells Fargo room.


DRAFT OSU Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan

Chpater 0 - Exec Summary Posted: 8-12-2017

Chapter 1 - Introduction    Posted: 8-13-2017

Chapter 2 - OSU Profile     Posted: 11-29-2017

Chapter 3 - Planning Process  Posted: 12-1-2017

Chapter 4 - Goals             Posted:  8-13-2017

Chapter 5 - Adoption        Posted: 11-29-2017

Chpater 6 - Earthquake      Posted: 2-25-2018

Chapter 7 - Tsunami         Posted: 12-6-2017

Chapter 8 - Volcano         Posted 12-6-2017

Chapter 9 - Flood              Posted: 12-7-2017

Chapter 10 - Wildfire        Posted: 12-7-2017

Chapter 11 - Other          Posted:  12-7-2017